The School of Sacred Flames

Welcome to Your New Spiritual Journey!

Meditation, Courses, Workshops and Coaching!

Does this sound like you?

• You struggle with knowing how to begin your Spiritual journey

• You find meditation skills are elusive!

• You wish for more nature in your Spirituality

• You'd like to make your journey with likeminded folk

What if things could be different?

How amazing would it be if your feelings weren't ignored or bypassed?

Ever been in a situation where you're told your struggles are invalid - you're just not trying hard enough? Me too. We'll be having none of that here! We'll work out the way forward that is best for you.

How amazing would it be if you developed a regular meditation practice?

We explore many different styles, techniques and methods to allow you to find the way that really works with your schedule, skills and natural likes and dislikes. All whilst being trauma informed and aware of the issues that may hinder you.

How amazing would it be if you could discuss some of the Spiritual experiences and teachings you have learnt with likeminded folks?

So often we find ourselves with fellow Spiritual folks because of one particular perspective. Let's listen to each other and learn and discuss. Even if it's challenging, growth is positive.

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

I have found myself increasingly distressed about how Spirituality is forgetting the divinity of Nature, ignoring basic Spiritual discipline and acting in a way that is harmful to the natural world and to each other

So I thought - let's create something better for each other!

Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce:


Starting out with different levels of membership, to allow you to either dip your toe in when you wish, give us a trial period, or really embrace your Spiritual journey as we move into 2024, The School of Sacred Flames is looking forward to opening it's doors and creating a vibrant and innovative community of Spiritual members and teachings.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join:

£5 per month- a little taster of all that we provide here. Free meditation recordings, meditation sessions that you can join from the comfort of your home, and printables for deeper understanding

£30 per month, this level opens up a whole new experience. Regular workshops, meditations and rituals are included with huge discount on one off courses and workshops

£90 per month, this level includes all of the previous levels wonderful offerings, no discount here, just access! - plus a monthly one to one Spiritual coaching session with me for that truly personal Spiritual guidance

"Mima's "Wednesday workshop! Checking in with the wheel of the year. Chatting about nature, festivals, planets, the sun, the moon, what we can forage, recipes and best of all a story! Mima holds a safe, informative and fun space! This is my time to meet like minded people from around the world! It's just magical!"

H, workshop attendee

"The monthly workshops are an absolute delight to be part of. Mima is so engaging, selecting topical and seasonal information about the natural world and our interaction in it. A natural storyteller, we're taken on an educational and often emotional journey with wonderful character voices. I always leave these workshops feeling uplifted and reenergised. The group is welcoming, inclusive and energy really positive. "

D, workshop attendee

"Mima's workshops come at just the right time for me, and always bring me much-needed clarity, positivity and inspiration. It's a transformative experience that helps me re-connect with my muses and get the reminders and rejuvenation I need to keep going in an otherwise busy life. Each session leaves me feeling better. Mima's storytelling skills are also quite lovely, and her voice acting is a nice touch. On top of the personal benefits, I also learn much about folklore from around the world and the many peoples it comes from."

I, workshop attendee

The Sacred Flames of the School of Sacred Flames


If I sign up, am I tied in for a certain amount of time? You pay monthly so to leave , simply cancel your payment! I hope that doesn't happen though. Do feel free to talk to me if there's something missing for you :)

When will the one off courses and workshops begin?

You will see more and more content being added constantly throughout the month of November and beyond!

How will I join the sessions?

You will get an email every month with the regular sessions detailed and links to register. Information about one off courses and workshops will be sent by email separately

Is everything online?

Yes - Everything at the The School of the Sacred Flame is online. For in person workshops by Mima Cornish please check her sister company HedgeRose Healing

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